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A long-standing process of progress

The Black Forest is a unique landscape which from the very first captures the hearts and minds of visitors. And if they take time to delve deeper, they will discover another, equally unique land scape: that of the Black Forest’s industrial heritage. Having developed over the centuries, this landscape is shaped by numerous mid-sized companies, including several world leaders and “hidden champions”.

The town of Eisenbach where we are based is a good example of the pattern of industrial development characteristic of many places in the Hochschwarzwald, or Black Forest highlands. A mining village since the 15th century, Eisenbach became a fl ourishing center of the watchmaking industry in the 18th century.This industry shaped the entire region for more than two hundred years and paved the way for the many manufacturers of precision engineering, precision turned parts, drives and fi ttings now located in the area:

Framo Morat develops and realizes drive ideas from spur gears over planetary gears and worm gears, up to complete gear motors.
We are from research & development, prototyping & testing, up to assembling and serial manufacturing your reliable partner in drive technology.
F. Morat develops and manufactures customized solutions for individual tasks. We draw from our nearly 50 years of experience in precision injection molding.
Our name stands for expertise, reliability and the highest precision.


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